You Can Lead 

With Emotional Intelligence! 


Do you find it difficult to inspire others?

 Putting all your energy into resolving immediate issues has you stressed out?

What is it like to express your feelings about a proposed solution?

Has making decisions become more challenging for you? 




Learn how to improve your Emotional Intelligence to: 

  • Increase your ability to manage your own stress and the stress of your team.
  • Impact the way you lead others.
  • Sharpen and accelerate your decision-making abilities.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In "Leading with EQ", you’ll learn how to finally understand the psychological forces that drive positive leadership.

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I'm Dr. RB

With over 15 years of experience as a Licensed Psychologist specializing in industrial psychology and an Executive Coach, my passion is in developing emerging leaders.

As a Jungian-oriented Psychologist, I focus on developing "ego-Self-Axis-related leadership". I am a multi-lingual, international Keynote speaker and a Galician-Cuban-American Soul carried within a farmer's heart.


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